About Aloha Pacific FCU




That’s the enduring mission of Aloha Pacific Federal Credit Union − a mission that has been a guiding light for more than 75 years.

It was back in 1936 that a group of Honolulu City & County employees gathered to charter its own
credit union in order to help fellow workers who were not being served by the financial institutions of the day.

How different the world was then! Commercial trans-Pacific air travel had just begun; the aloha shirt
is first mass produced and marketed; and America had yet to find its way out of the Great Depression.
Automobiles were crowding out the electric streetcars in Honolulu.

And how far we’ve come! What was known as Honolulu City & County Employees Federal Credit Union
is today Aloha Pacific Federal Credit Union. We are Hawaii’s third-largest credit union, a not-for-profit
financial institution with a diverse membership that includes more than 1,400 Select Employee Groups
in addition to our core of Honolulu City & County workers.

Aloha Pacific FCU is forward-looking, with mobile, text and telephone banking, online account
services and even a branch in Las Vegas, the favorite playground and home away from home of so
many Hawaii residents.

And through the decades − the name change, the growth in membership, riding the rippling waves
of global economics − our dedication to our members has been unwavering as we continue to build
relationships for generations to come.


Please type in your USERNAME and PASSWORD, then press "Enter" or click the "LOGIN" button.

FIRST TIME USERS: Please type in your account number and enter the same PASSWORD as your KalaTalk (Account Info by Phone), then press the "Enter" Key or click on the "LOGIN" button. You will be prompted to change your USERNAME using 6-20 alpha, numeric, and/or special characters.  You will also be prompted to change your PASSWORD using 6-32 alpha, numeric, and/or special characters.

EXISTING USERS: If you wish to change your current USERNAME and/or  PASSWORD, go to "My Settings" after logging in.  If  you should have any questions, please call us at 531-3711.


There will be system maintenance that will cause the following services to be temporarily unavailable on the following dates and times. Thank you for your patience and understanding.:
Kalanet Online and Mobile Banking:
  - Wednesday, 12/02/15 from 8:00am to 10:00pm HST
 - Saturday, 12/12/15 from 7:30pm HST to 11:30pm HST

Online Check Ordering:
 - Every Saturday from 7:00pm HST to 12:30am HST on Sunday

Monday, 12/07/15 from 7:00pm HST to 10:00pm HST

Kalanet Online Bill Payment:

 - Tuesday, 12/08/15 from 5:00pm HST to 9:00pm HST
 - Every Saturday from 9:00pm HST to 1:00am HST on Sunday

Due to postal service delays during the holiday season, if your bill payment type is "Check", it is recommended that you set your "send" date at least 10 business days prior to the due date until January.