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Beware of Romance Scams in the Time of COVID-19

October 13, 2020

The ongoing pandemic has forced many us to stay at home, leaving us isolated … and vulnerable to scammers who prey on our emotions.

Romance scams in particular are on the rise as many of us turn to social media and online dating sites during these difficult times.

Don’t be a victim! Pay attention to the red flags. Beware of scammers who:

  • Profess love immediately.
  • Claim to be overseas or in the military, even working on an oil rig – in other words, they are unreachable in person.
  • Ask for money, especially through gift cards, reload cards and wire transfers, supposedly because of an emergency such as hospital bills or urgent travel.
  • Try to get you off social media or the online dating sites to communicate directly through email.

Don’t let criminals steal your heart and your money. Never send money or gifts to someone you’ve never met.

Here’s an article from the Federal Trade Commission about romance scams.