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2022 BOD Election Results & Annual Meeting

March 18, 2022

Five incumbents return to the Board of Directors: Jennifer Elflein, Allan Fujimoto, Stanley Inamasu, Gary Iwai, Robert Morita

The five incumbents who were running for the Board of Directors have been re-elected. They are, listed alphabetically by surname:

  • Jennifer Elflein
  • Allan Fujimoto
  • Stanley Inamasu
  • Gary Iwai
  • Robert Morita

They received the most votes in the recent balloting and their return to the Board was announced at the March 16 online Annual Meeting.

Congratulations! Mahalo to all who voted!

Annual Meeting

We received this question from a member at the Annual Meeting:

Will future meetings be held virtually?

Answer: Right now, we really don’t know, although we recognize that there are positives and negatives about an online meeting.

The positives of an online meeting include: if the pandemic surges again, meeting online would be safest for all; no traffic and parking concerns; weather would not be a factor; and members can attend from the comfort of their own homes.

We do know that as of this writing, McCoy Pavilion, our usual Annual Meeting site, will not be available in March 2023 because renovations are not scheduled to be completed by then.

Please stay tuned for updates about next year’s Annual Meeting.