Holiday Savings

Take advantage of another benefit of membership by opening an APFCU Holiday Savings Account. It’s a convenient way to save for holiday shopping, a vacation or other seasonal expenses.

One-time Enrollment

Save time and money. Once you open a Holiday Savings Account, it remains open until we receive your written request to close it.

Easy Savings Options

Sign up for automatic deductions from your APFCU Savings or Checking account. You can select transfers to occur on any day of the month, semi-monthly or weekly. Payroll deduction may be available.

Enrollment Period: Any time!

Minimum Opening Deposit: $10. You must be a member at account opening. Other requirements may apply.

Deposit Options: Payroll deduction, cash or automatic transfer from an APFCU savings or checking account.

Withdrawals: Not permitted. Account closing may result in forfeiture of dividends earned for current month.

Dividends: Compounded monthly.

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Other conditions may apply. Visit any branch for details.

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