Credit Cards

How do I change my name on my VISA® Debit Card and/or Credit Card?

Please visit any of our branch locations or call (808) 531-3711 (or 1-877-531-3711 toll free) for assistance.

What number do I call after business hours to report lost or stolen cards?

Member Service, Inquiry & Lost/Stolen ATM card or VISA® Debit card:
Open weekdays 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Hawaii, (808) 531-3711 | U.S. toll free, 1-877-531-3711

Lost or Stolen VISA® Debit card (24 hours):
Calling within the U.S.: toll free, 1-833-933-1681
Calling from outside the U.S.: 1-812-647-9794 (this number accepts incoming collect calls)

Lost or Stolen VISA® credit card (24 hours):
Toll free, 1-833-541-0777

I travel often and have a hard time paying my VISA credit card on time. Is there a way I can pay automatically and avoid the late fees?

You may make your payments via Online Banking. However, we currently are unable to set up automatic payments to your VISA® credit card.

How do I dispute an unauthorized charge on my VISA® credit card?

Call VISA®'s Customer Service at 1-888-829-6434 to report unauthorized charges. You may file a dispute claim on a VISA® transaction that you did not perform or one with which you do not agree.

Do you process credit card limit increase requests online?

You may be able to apply for an increase online. Upon receiving and reviewing your application, our loan office will contact you for additional information.

If a member is under the age of 18, can he/she apply for a loan, VISA® credit card or overdraft protection?

Members must be at least 18 years of age to apply for credit at Aloha Pacific Federal Credit Union.

Where do I send my VISA® Credit Card payments?

Your VISA® Credit Card payments may be made at any of our branch locations or you may mail payments to:

P.O. BOX 4521
Carol Stream, IL 60197-4521

Paying your credit card bill through online banking or our mobile app is convenient and efficient. Use the Move Money function to pay your bill.

How do I request a MasterCard Credit Card?

We do not currently offer MasterCard Credit Cards.

You may apply for an Aloha Pacific Federal Credit Union VISA® Platinum Credit Card by visiting any of our branch locations or contact us for assistance. Or apply online in our Credit Cards section.

What do you offer for credit cards?

Aloha Pacific Federal Credit Union offers VISA® Platinum credit cards, accepted worldwide. Please visit the Credit Cards area on our website for additional information, or stop by one of our convenient branches.

Can I pay my VISA® Credit card through Bill Payment?

Bill Payment Service allows members the ability to pay recurring or one-time payments from a checking account. However, because credit card payments can be different from one payment to another, you may elect not to set your payment as recurring.

Does the credit union have a reward program on VISA® Credit cards?

Aloha Pacific Federal Credit Union offers a reward program called Aloha Pacific Rewards. You earn 1 point for every $1 purchase using your Aloha Pacific Federal Credit Union VISA® Platinum Rewards credit card. Your points may be redeemed for gifts or travel. For additional information, please visit the Aloha Pacific Rewards website.

Can I use VISA® Credit card at an ATM?

You may obtain cash advances from any ATM that bears the logo of VISA®.

How much does it cost to replace a lost VISA® Debit or Credit card?

Please contact us or visit our website for the current schedule of fees.

If I want my child (under age) to use my VISA® Credit or Debit card, do I need a separate card or account for him/her? Can I just let him/her use my card? Should I order an extra card in my name for my child to use?

A member under the age of 18 is not eligible to have a VISA credit or debit card.