Online & Mobile Banking

Can I change my password?

Please visit any branch or call us at (808) 531-3711 (or 1-877-531-3711 toll free) to determine what password you are requesting to change.

I travel often and have a hard time paying my VISA credit card on time. Is there a way I can pay automatically and avoid the late fees?

You may make your payments via Online Banking. However, we currently are unable to set up automatic payments to your VISA® credit card.

Can I pay my VISA® Credit card through Bill Payment?

Bill Payment Service allows members the ability to pay recurring or one-time payments from a checking account. However, because credit card payments can be different from one payment to another, you may elect not to set your payment as recurring.

Do you have an audio response system?

KalaTalk is a FREE service that offers members the ability to manage their credit union account(s) using a touch-tone telephone.

Please refer Services page for additional information.

Does the credit union offer free Bill Payment?

This state-of-the-art system makes paying bills fast and convenient. Using our Bill Payment Service, members can make unlimited payments per month for FREE.

You must have an Aloha Pacific Federal Credit Union checking account and have enrolled in Online Banking to utilize the Service.

Click on Online Banking & Bill Payment for more details. Or visit any of our branch locations or call us for assistance.

How can I export my account history to Quicken or MS Money?

You may obtain your account history through our Online Banking service. Please visit any of our branch locations or call us at (808) 531-3711 or (877) 531-3711 toll free for assistance.

How do I access my account online?

To access your account online, you must enroll in Online Banking. Visit our Online Banking & Bill Payment page for details. Or call us at (808) 531-3711 or (877) 531-3711 toll free for additional assistance.

What is the cost for producing check copies and account statements?

If you currently are enrolled in online banking for your account(s) at Aloha Pacific Federal Credit Union, you are able to obtain and print your account statements and checks from your home computer. Your statements and checks are available on a rolling 12-month period. If you do not have online banking, please contact us or visit our website for the current schedule of fees.

Are there any service fees for using Telephone Banking?

This is a free service. Please visit our Services page for current information regarding Telephone Banking (KalaTalk).