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Consumer Alert: Beware of Deceptive ‘Risk-Free Trial’ Offers

December 19, 2018

Be wary of those “risk-free trial” offers you see on social media or on the internet, sometimes supposedly endorsed by celebrities.

Often there’s a catch: Once you have accepted and sent in your information (including a credit or debit card to pay for NOT-free shipping and handling), you might have inadvertently accepted a continuing, costly subscription for the item.

And consumers who have tried to end such subscriptions have reported difficulties halting shipments and getting refunds.

Those celebrity endorsements? Often, they’re fake.

What can you do to protect yourself?

  • Research the company online. Are there complaints from other consumers?
  • Find the terms and conditions – the fine print – and if you don’t understand them or can’t even find them, do not sign up.

The Better Business Bureau has issued a report about deceptive “risk-free trial” practices. Read it here.